St. Aidans Refurbishment 2020

Submitted by AConcernedResident on Thu, 13/02/2020 - 05:32


Have you seen signage at St Aidan’s for a “Proposed Development” to facilitate refurbishment. This application is for a “CHANGE IN MATERIAL USE” from residential zoning.

Are you concerned about potential future demolition of the Character house and the spread of St Aidans footprint – your opportunity to object before Tuesday 18th February ia email:

  • Currently 2 Ruthven St, Corinda is a residence, zoned CR1 Character (Character) – zoned for material use as a ‘residence’. Remaining a ‘residence’ helps protect this house from demolition. If a change of material use is approved, the property is no longer categorised as a residence. The current “Character” attribute, attaches to the house being a ‘residence’, such that changing the use of the building to educational enables the lifting of the “Character” protection. Where is the protection against demolition?
  • 39 Ruthven St, Corinda is a residence zoned Low density residential.
  • St Aidan’s does not need approval to paint and refurbish, just like you and I can paint and make changes in our houses. In fact, St Aidan’s is already using 39 Ruthven St as a wellbeing centre for the school.
  • St Aidan’s is applying for a ‘CHANGE of ‘MATERIAL USE’ for both residences.
  • The school owns other residences in the area.
  • There are about 886 students and approval to go to about 1075. Will this increase with a larger footprint?
  • The Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan contains a section called “St Aidan’s School Precinct” this provides for five, four, three, two storey buildings for St Aidan’s – extract over page.
  • It is noted this plan shows a three-storey building next to 39 Ruthven and a two-storey beside 2 Ruthven – Does this mean a future application can be made to extend these three/two storey buildings onto 2 & 39 Ruthven? Can these buildings be increased in size to four/five storey?
  • What are the plans for other houses owned around the streets near St Aidan’s and for 2 & 39 Ruthven Street? Over recent decades St Aidan’s footprint has grown. Look at some of their history, for example:

o Four pre-1946 houses of character were acquired by St Aidan’s and demolished to make way for a narrower street called Aidan’s Way, which allowed St Aidan’s to replace these houses of character with a car park next to Kathleen and Harrowby Street, buildings and lawned areas.
o Harrowby Street once extended through Kathleen Street to Ruthven Street. St Aidan’s footprint absorbed this portion of Harrowby Street, which fronted the four pre-1946 houses of character that St Aidan’s demolished. St Aidan’s successfully applied to take the public street, replacing it with a narrower street known as Aidan’s Way. The community lost part of the street to make way for St Aidan’s buildings, a car park and lawned areas. The community lost a wide street, lined with beautiful huge Camphor Laurel trees on either side, maybe as spectacular as those in Laurel Avenue. The community lost all day parking on either side. In return, the community got: a narrower street - Aidan’s Way, no replacement large mature trees on either side of Aidan’s Way and much fewer on street parking spaces (now time limited). If you wish to retain this Character house and residential home you need to object against the change of material use.

If you think you live too far to be impacted, reflect how the passing years have seen parking spread with road congestion moving further into residential streets, you might be one day impacted. Now is the time to object.

  • If you want to object and time-poor to prepare an objection, a generic objection can be provided to you by contacting When you get the generic objection, you will need to add your name and address and email it.
  • Email your objection before Tuesday 18 February 2020, to or posted to PO Box 15009, City East, QLD, 4022.


Need further information re infrastructure designation process, refer to Minister's Guidelines and Rules, email or call 1300 967 433.
Diagram is an extract from p230, Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan

St Aidans NHP
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Linda Conrad

Tue, 18/02/2020 - 09:31

Today is the last day to make submissions. Yesterday I found it very easy and straightforward to make my submission, using the generic objection and step-by-step advice - along with the attached, well-documented and itemised explanation of the problems with the St Aidan's plan - sent to me after I emailed  I  hope many others will do the same.