Candidate for Miller - Josip Zirdum (LCQ)

Submitted by mtchkys on Thu, 15/10/2020 - 06:15

My name is Josip. I'm a web developer, educator, and online marketer by trade. I take joy in contributing to efforts that support my local community; which is why I am the candidate running under the LCQ (Legalise Cannabis Queensland) ticket for Miller in the 2020 Queensland State Election.

As an advocate for the safe, legal use of both recreational and medicinal cannabis, I firmly believe that ‘the whole plant’ ought to be brought into regulated public access for adults 18 and over. Our state government should institute a legal framework to create the space for an efficient, open and diverse cannabis industry to emerge in Australia – for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

I am convinced that such a framework will eventually provide massive returns to the Australian economy. With that said, if elected, I will be striving to leave a positive impact across Miller and the entire state.

I'll do everything I can to work with constituents, local representatives and community members to achieve outcomes that our electorate can be truly proud of. As a first point of order, I wish to work with other MP's to make major changes to the QLD Planning Act. If all major developments are 'impact assessable', and must remain accountable to the deliberative democratic processes in our local neighbourhood plans, we can better preserve and enhance the character and quality of our neighbourhoods.

I'll be advocating for safer roads and boosts in active/public transport investment across Miller's many suburbs, in parliament. Each and every one of our localities can become more accessible to foot and cycle traffic through targeted infrastructure spending. If there's something we collectively learned from quarantine up here in Queensland, it's that our localities can be much more appealing places to live in, with less vehicles on our roads.

I'm particularly interested in safety improvements at major intersections and level crossings - such as at Sherwood Road, and on Ipswich/Venner and Venner/Fairfield Roads - with the aim of aiding traffic flow and reducing overall crashes. My priority is to make the area much safer for larger amounts of foot and cycle traffic.

We desperately need to start following the lead of other major cities, and consider what a seamlessly integrated transport network in Brisbane's inner southwest could look like; one that values buses, trains, trams, scooters and bikes.

How would our lives change if human accessibility and scale was a priority in our neighbourhoods? How could our habits shift, if we updated and installed new walkways, cyclepaths, and green spaces/vegetation... or even light rail throughout our suburban arterials?

Joe is absolutely honoured to be leading the LCQ ticket for cannabis advocates and the people of his own electorate! If you live in the electorate of Miller, be sure to VOTE 1 JOSIP – we may even see you at the polling booth!