Newsletter #18 - March 2010

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Have you seen the amended draft Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan (Jan 2010)?
What are your views about the proposed five storey developments?
You may remember that the Council advised residents late last year that changes were being made to the draft Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan as a result of the Talk to the Planner session on 6th August. An amended draft plan has been released as of Jan 2010.
The good news is that that Council has listened to residents and changes have been made to preserve the character area in Corinda between Oxley Road and Clara Street. The community thanks Cr Johnston for her vigorous representation on behalf of her constituents over this matter. We are very fortunate that our councillor puts her wards welfare ahead of any personal political ambition. Note that five storey development is still proposed in Corinda between Oxley Road and the railway line to the West, as far south as Lynne Grove Avenue. An area for 5 storey development around St. Aidans is still included.
However, the bad news is - the new plan has greatly increased the proposed 5 storey area in Sherwood stretching from Sherwood Road, to the north, past Quarry Road to the south, west of Oxley Road to the Railway Line and east to Jerrold Street.
This proposed increase in population density is of great concern. At the meeting of August 2009, strong community opinion was expressed that provision and upgrading of infrastructure needs to occur before density is increased.
The plan has been sent back to the Qld Government for approval before it is released for public comment, hopefully in a few months time. This will include a formal submission period. You can examine the revised plans on the BCC website here
A copy of  BCC's map of the new 5 storey areas can also be seen on the WTSAG website…
Have Your Say Now
WTSAG Inc is preparing a formal submission on the draft Neighbourhood Plan in anticipation of the formal consultation period which will occur later this year. Views of local residents on aspects of the draft plan are welcomed for inclusion in this submission.
Via Website: Go to , register if necessary and log on. Post any comments in the relevant forum under BCC Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood Plan.
Via Hard copy: Mail to Secretary, PO Box 2157, Graceville 4075. Your comment will be placed on the web. Please indicate whether you wish your name to be added or not.
On Saturday 24 October, 2009, about 250 residents rallied in protest at the proposed Sherwood bus depot. Protesters were concerned about the lack of proper consultation, lack of transparency in the process, safety issues, traffic congestion of buses empty-running though the local suburbs to outer suburbs and environmental impacts on nearby Oxley Creek and Oxley Common. The group called on Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, to fulfil his promise to abandon plans for a bus depot in Sherwood, if there was opposition from residents.
You will all now be aware that, in spite of strong opposition by the community and our local Councillor Nicole Johnston, the Council voted to proceed.
Plans Available: A copy of the Sherwood Bus Depot Development Application has been delivered to office of Tennyson councillor Nicole Johnston. This hard copy is available for viewing in the office at 180 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, QLD 4103. You can also find the Development Application A002719206 on BCC's web site.
Asbestos Removal: BCC informed local residents at the community information sessions last year, that the site for the Sherwood Bus Depot is contaminated with Asbestos. Council has recently advised residents that the site is ready to have the buildings demolished and asbestos removed. We understand letters have been sent to Railway Terrace Residents on Friday 5th March and that work will commence on Monday 8th March taking approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete. Independent air monitoring will be in place during this period and removal work will stop in the case of strong winds
During the opening debates of the Queensland parliament, both Julie Attwood MP (LP) and Scott Emerson (LNP) blamed poor planning at Council and State level for the impact that the revised Graceville-Sherwood Neighbourhood Plan will have on local residents.
Both parties agree that what is planned for Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood and Corinda will cause a deterioration of character housing that cannot be replaced and will reduce the liveability of our suburbs. Julie Attwood MP believes this is the fault of the Brisbane City Council while Scott Emerson (LNP) says this is caused by the Queensland State Government.
A copy of their speeches can be read on our website at…
Wider debate on increased DENSITY IN AUSTRALIAN CITIES
Our local debate over five storey “multi unit dwellings” is part of a much wider discussion on a population increase in Australia to 35 million over the next twenty years and the undesirable impacts that may result. Leigh Park, secretary of WTSAG Inc recently participated in an interview for Background Briefing on Radio National. over issues related to high density living in our cities, with particular reference to our local suburbs.
Visit the ABC website to listen to the webcast:
It is worth having your say! The pre 1946 house at 133-135 Long St has been saved from demolition.. You can read the decision notice online at….
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