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Date for Your Diary
Walter Taylor South Action Group AGM
When: 7.30pm Wednesday 29th Nov
Where: St Davids Church Hall,
Chelmer St East, Chelmer


  • Hear about the Neighbourhood Planning process & how it can help our suburbs
  • Speak with Councillor Jane Prentice
  • Become a member or renew your membership
  • Nominate or seek nomination for a place on the management committee.

See inserts for WTSAG membership and nomination forms.



What stage is it at?
Recapping: The state government SE QLD Regional Plan requires Brisbane to accommodate an extra 145,000 homes over the next 20 years. Eighty percent of new homes will need to be built in areas that are already developed. The Brisbane City Council Neighbourhood Planning process is involving residents on how this can best happen.
The Draft Brisbane Cityshape 2026 has been released. The preferred CityShape for the future of Brisbane is a multi-centred city with elements of the corridor city.
The next phase is to create Neighbourhood Plans for local areas. The areas for 2006 are Acacia Ridge/Archerfield, Centenary Suburbs, Lutwyche Road Corridor, Bracken Ridge and District, and Wynnum/Manly.
The preparation of each Neighbourhood Plan involves input of the community. In developing Neighbourhood Plans with Council, residents will consider:

  • accommodating population increases and future household types
  • types of development and lot size appropriate to the neighbourhood
  • environmental assets such as creeks, bushland, wetlands and significant trees
  • local needs such as footpaths, lighting, street landscaping and design, shopping facilities and community events
  • employment opportunities
  • infrastructure such as transport, technology, water and sewerage
  • recreation opportunities.

The Council is also assembling Community Planning Teams for each area. .The role of the Community Planning Team is to provide advice, comments and local knowledge to assist in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Community Planning Team will work with Council’s town planners, urban designers and other specialists.
What next for our area?
WTS Action Group is lobbying to have our area included in the next round of Neighbourhood Plans. Our existing Local Area Plan was developed in 1996 and was one of the very first. It is inadequate in protecting the special qualities of our area.
We are actively looking for residents to join the management committee to become involved in activities to assist the neighbourhood planning
For more information click on then Residents then Neighbourhood Planning

Integrated Planning Act Review

Members of WTSAG, Nancy Williams and Leigh Park, attended a community forum on 12 Sep 2006 held as part of a full-scale review of the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA) and the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS).
WTS Action Group has been involved for a number of years in drawing attention to the inadequacies of the state Integrated Planning Act. The IPA was introduced almost a decade ago as a framework for managing growth and change within Queensland. It also established IDAS, a step-by-step process for making, assessing and deciding development applications.
At the Community Cabinet Meeting Feb 2003 at Corinda, a deputation from WTASAG (Leigh Park, Phil Scorey and Helen Wood Grant ) saw the Minister for Local Government and Planning to express concern over the Integrated Planning Act, including the need to improve the mechanisms for local community involvement in the development application process, and to protest the removal of citizens’ rights to query town planning decisions by local councils. The IPA specifically removes citizens’ rights to query government decisions under the Judicial Review Act.”
The management committee of WTSAG has recently lodged a submission (reiterating our earlier comments) to the IPA Review being conducted by the Department of Local Government, Planning, and Sport. Submissions close 3 Nov 06.
Follow this web link for further information



Leigh Park, secretary of the Walter Taylor South Action Group, has been a CityShape Ambassador since early 2006. She has recently been appointed to the CityShape Reference Group, whose function is to “advise on consultation with the wider community regarding the Councils planning and visioning initiatives, assist in defining significant issues and ensuring Council is aware of community concerns. It will advise on the promotion of Neighbourhood Planning”. Leigh would welcome any feedback from residents to take to the group. (Contact details are on back page of newsletter.)


The objection period to the proposed development on the Indooroopilly Gold Course at Long Pocket closed on 12 October. Watch for the Council decision and be prepared to become involved if it goes to appeal.
As outlined in newsletters 10 & 11, the Indooroopilly Golf Club wants to build eight buildings as below (housing 285 units)
near the river and partly in the Brisbane River Corridor, and another two blocks back up the peninsula.
As the No Condos website says: “The Club pays a nominal annual rent for a large tract of riverfront land.* The Club assumes the City will continue to make this land, heavily subsidised by the public, available to them. If this assumption holds true, it places the Club in a position to sell off freehold land that it finds excess to its requirements.”
[* 65 hectares for little more than $100 per year plus CPI under the 75 year lease.]
Visit the excellent website to view all the issues.
[Andrew Spalding is a member of Indooroopilly Golf Club and has stood aside from all WTSAG discussions on the Long Pocket development because of conflict of interest considerations.]


Development applications for reconfigurations and development of small lot houses has slowed very considerably from the heady days of 2003. Is it because of slowing real estate price rises, interest rate rises or merely because any back yard that could be sold off has been? A DA has been lodged for 14 Sutton St Chelmer for 2 lots of 381 sqm and 395 sqm. The minimum for a Small Lot is 400 sqm. This is Impact Assessable. You may wish to look at the DA on the council website and lodge your comments on the proposal.


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