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Indooroopillygraceville bowls club green sell-off

Graceville Bowls Club has a development application before Council as part of its plan to sell off more of its greens for housing. This site is currently designated Sport and Recreation Area. The club successfully carried out a similar exercise several years ago. A large house now occupies part of its greens on the western end of its property fronting Wylie Street.

In its latest development application, the Club requests a reconfiguration of one of the lots on Long Street West that is presently occupied by greens to accommodate a new street frontage of 11..5 metres in width, and preliminary approval for a future house on this allotment which has become “surplus to the clubs operational needs.” (The development also includes the addition of weather protection devices to the remaining bowls green fronting Long Street West.)
Certainly the Club is perfectly entitled to sell the land if it is surplus to its needs. However, the land should remain as Sport and Recreation Area as designated in the City Plan. It is of concern that many of our sports clubs are “rezoning” and selling land that has been set aside for sport and recreation in the City Plan and has attracted concessions in rates and water use for a large number of years. Ratepayers have subsidized such clubs and should reasonably expect such green spaces to remain for the future.
If the Bowls Club no longer requires this land, perhaps the Council may care to purchase this small parcel on behalf of the ratepayers for use as a children’s playground. Outdoor play areas are needed in our suburbs as council-approved infill housing means that many children no longer have a backyard to play in.
If you are concerned about this development, consider lodging a formal objection. This is an Impact Assessable application. The DA Number is 935621. The due date is 24th May.
You can view the application on
or you can visit Councillor Prentice’s Ward Office at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown.
It is important that as many people as possible comment on developments so that the Council can get feedback on what is acceptable to the local community.


Tuesday 9th May – doors open 7.15pm:
Voice your concerns to the Lord Mayor at “CIVIC CABINET LISTENS”
Wednesday 10th May -7.00– 9.00pm: Have a say in our suburbs’ future at the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING Workshop
Both to be held at Riverglenn Conference Centre, Kate Street

VOICE YOUR CONCERNS TO THE lord mayor at “civic cabinet listens”on TUES 9th may

The Lord Mayor will be holding "Civic Cabinet Listens" at Riverglenn Conference Centre, 70 Kate St, Indooroopilly on the 9th of May.
In the evening, there will be an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns.

  • Doors will open at 7.15 pm.
  • Open forum - from 8.15 to 8.45 pm.
  • Round table discussions - 8.45 to 9.30pm.

Please consider attending this meeting. This is your chance to let key members of your Council know how you feel about inappropriate developments in our suburbs.
You may wish to comment on the disturbing trend of the loss of green spaces. There is an increasing pattern of sporting clubs selling their "Sport and Recreation" zoned land to developers. The clubs or the developers apply to the Council for a Material Change of Use so that residential developments can occur. They are usually successful. We have recently lost the Indooroopilly Bowls Club and the Chelmer Bowls Club and may lose another bit of the Graceville Bowls Club shortly. We may also lose an important green space on the Long Pocket Peninsula if Council permits Mirvac to build 285 high rise units on a piece of the golf course that the Indooroopilly Golf Club plans to sell off. (See Newsletter No 10 Sept 2005 article for details)
As the Long Pocket Concerned Residents Group state: “No matter where you live in Brisbane, this project puts YOU at risk. It sets a precedent for the wholesale destruction of green space and the environment ANYWHERE in the region.” Visit their web site at to view all the issues.
[Andrew Spalding is a member of Indooroopilly Golf Club and has stood aside from all WTSAG discussions on the Long Pocket development because of conflict of interest considerations.]


Some of you will be aware that our area was one of the first to have a Neighbourhood Planning Workshop after the official launch of the program on 21st February. Our workshop was held on Sunday 5th March at Riverglenn Conference Centre
Councillor Jane Prentice has asked for the session to be repeated to allow more residents to participate. You have an opportunity to have your say on specifically how your local suburbs should look in the future. This is a facilitated workshop. Your views will be sought and noted by town planners.
Council have made it clear that we need to accept some increased density in our ward. These Neighbourhood Planning meetings are your chance to voice an opinion about where increased density could be an acceptable option and where it would be inappropriate. You can assist in identifying the associated problems such as increasing traffic and strain on infrastructure in the area and how these could be alleviated.
Wednesday, 10 May, 2006
Time: 7.00 pm. – 9pm
Venue: Riverglenn Conference Centre,
Kate Street, Indooroopilly.
To RSVP, phone Council on 07 3403 6328.
Please tell as many of your neighbours as possible. It is important that as many local residents as possible attend and help determine the future of our neighbourhood.
Become involved. Remember – if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem


The Draft Brisbane CityShape 2026 has recently been released. It is based on feedback received from residents during the Neighbourhood Planning program last year.
The Council wants your thoughts on this draft plan and on how you would like to see Brisbane grow over the next 20 years. They ask you to fill in a short survey. You should have received a copy of The Survey in your local Quest newspaper.
You can also go on line at and complete the survey on line.



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