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Many development proposals exeeding limits of current city plan

Submitted by Linda Conrad on Sat, 26/07/2014 - 10:23

 Although many people may already have received Nicole Johnston's newsletter of 17th July 2014 raising concerns about current development proposals, I thought it would be useful to post (with her permission) material that she had provided in the newsletter that is of serious concern about proposals - all of which exceed allowable limits (see below in italics):

Council removal of River trees

Submitted by k8ando on Sun, 24/04/2011 - 16:14

Has anyone else something to say about the Council's decision to remove so many of the trees along the river?

Have you seen how many are tagged for removal along Nadine Street in Graceville?

Won't the removal of so many trees cause greater river bank erosion if there is any further flooding?

Are they planning to just 'take' them away? What will this do to those ecosystems that rely on/interact with the trees?

How can the Council justify the removal of so many trees for being 'structurally unsound'? Some of these trees are surely 50-100 years old. They would have withstood numerous high tides, localised flooding and the 1974 floods!

I would like to see a 'Friends of the River Trees' group action.