Invitation to Qld State Government 2020 Election Candidates

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 28/09/2020 - 06:00

We are inviting all candidates of the Miller and Mount Ommaney electorates to submit a written message to our residents allowing us to understand your position on a number of topic areas of interest to our group.

We asked all candidates to prepare a response of up to 400 words covering the following topics:

  • Introduction from yourself to our residents
  • Effective coordination between State Government, Local Council and Community desires
  • Community Development
  • Railway Issues (Oxley Road crossing, Sherwood Road crossing, etc.)
  • Road Bridge Issues (e.g. Walter Taylor Bridge)
  • Traffic Safety
  • Summarise what they feel passionate about contributing to our area


We ask that all responses be respectful of all other parties and candidates.


Name Party
Christian Julius UAP
Edward Caroll Independent
Josip Zirdum LCQ
Mark Bailey (no response to invitation) Labor
Maria Packer (no response to invitation) One Nation
Patsy O'Brien (no response to invitation) Greens
Paul Darwen (no response to invitation) LNP

Mount Ommaney

Name Party
Asha Worsteling Greens
Clive Brazier (no response to invitation) LCQ
Ian Eugarde (no response to invitation) Independent
Michael Powell (no response to invitation) One Nation
Jess Pugh Labor
Roger Hooper (no response to invitation) LNP