Candidate for Mount Ommaney - Asha Worsteling (Greens)

Submitted by Asha Worsteling on Thu, 08/10/2020 - 20:08

Hello everyone,

I am a Psychology student at the University of Queensland. I grew up overseas in developing countries as my parents worked in international aid and have lived and worked in Oxley since moving back to Australia five years ago.

As a representative I would empower the community by engaging directly with community groups to understand their needs and act accordingly, rather than in the interests of developers and other interest groups. I would prioritise reaching meaningful solutions with fellow state and local representatives and ensuring that politicking doesn’t get in the way of positive results.

In terms of improving traffic conditions in the area, one thing that I think could be done to improve local traffic issues is increasing the number of transport options to schools. A large contributor to local traffic problems is parents driving their children to school, if we could instead be encouraging the use of public transport to schools traffic along Oxley road and the like could be reduced.

Furthermore, I would make public transport free, a plan supported by economists as economically viable as the cost of upkeeping the payment system of public transport is highly expensive so 80% of the cost of transport is subsidised by the government anyway. This as well as increasing the reliability of public transport would increase the use of public transport, reducing traffic on the roads.

I’m passionate about supporting small business and encouraging more entrepreneurial ventures; I believe these are very important for creating a strong sense of community which makes the area feel so special. I love the green space and parks in our area. I would make sure these were maintained and expanded.

I would love to hear from anyone who has questions or ideas regarding our plan for the area so feel free to get in contact.

Thank you again for your work providing a space for the community to communicate and organise, I am a strong beliver in the importance of such community groups.

Candidate for Mount Ommaney — Queensland Greens

Linda Conrad

Thu, 08/10/2020 - 20:17

Thank you - am especially impressed with your suggestions for dealing with traffic conditions (especially school traffic) on Oxley Road.

Thank you Linda! I think it is important to be thinking about other solutions to continual road widening. These solutions are not sustainable and do not contribute to beautifying the area which I think is something that needs to be considered.