Oxley Road to Nowhere

Submitted by Nicole Johnston on Tue, 07/02/2012 - 12:03

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has today confirmed secret plans to upgrade Oxley Road to four lanes over the next 11 to 20 years as part of Brisbane’s Long Term Infrastructure Plan 2012 – 2031.


Councillor Johnston said that Council’s plan, to be debated at today’s meeting, came without any consultation with local residents.


“Making Oxley Road four lanes without addressing the single lane choke point at the Walter Taylor Bridge is appalling planning. It will create a road to nowhere and cause further congestion and delay for residents,” Councillor Johnston said.

Proposed Demolition pre-1946 house Park Terrace, Sherwood

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 04/02/2012 - 05:53

A development application number A003272804 has been submitted for the demolition of a pre-1946 house at 10 Park Terrace, Sherwood.


As this lot adjoins the shopping centre and is currently used as a physotherapist office there is also the possibility that a following this application there may be another application to rezone this residential land for shopping/office development.


Letter to Corinda Residents from Cr. Julian Simmonds

Submitted by Cr. Julian Simmonds on Mon, 19/12/2011 - 16:16

16 December 2011
Dear Resident,
I write following the recent consultation process that Brisbane City Council undertook to garner local views on a proposed bikeway to connect Corinda to Rocklea.
Originally suggested by local residents, it was intended this bikeway would fill a vital missing link in the network, better connecting residents of Sherwood and Oxley to public transport and local businesses.

Chelmer TAFE Sale

Submitted by Nicole Johnston on Wed, 07/12/2011 - 10:10

Dear Resident


I am writing to update on recent news reports regarding the Metro South Institute of TAFE (Chelmer Campus) located at the corner of Glenwood St and Oxley Rd, Chelmer.


As you may be aware, the site has been vacant since the January flood.


Character House - Partial demolition, Raise above Height Limit

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 07/12/2011 - 07:23

An impact assessible development application has been submitted for this site (not a flood prone site) to raise a house above the height limit.  This has occurred a number of times in this street, and on each occassion a suitable solution was found within the existing limits.


The relevant DA A003229007 can be found on council's website where you can respond to this particular request by Friday 16th of December.

Proposed Scrap Metal Yard adjoining Oxley Creek

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 04/12/2011 - 10:01

A development application has been submitted requesting to be under the old Neighbourhood Plan to evade the new Light Industrial Zoning.

See DA A003211282 on council's website

Extract of details of the application below

This report has been prepared by LandPartners Limited on behalf of Trust Company Ltd ACF RW Invest ATF Ray White Invest Sherwood Property Trust, in support of a request to Council to assess and decide a proposed development application under a Superseded Planning Scheme.

This report is seeking approval for a Request for an application to be assessed and decided under a Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011), in accordance with Division 5, Section 95, 1(b) of the Sustainable Planning Act. We request the Brisbane City Council assess this report and permit a development application to be made in accordance with Division 5, Section 99 (2) of the Sustainable Planning Act for a Preliminary Approval for Building Work on a site adjoining a Heritage Place, Material Change of Use for a Schedule 1 Industry and Environmental Relevant Activity 33 (Scrap Yards) and 37 (Waste Storage, treatment and disposal.) to be lodged and assessed under the Brisbane City Council Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011).

Montrose Access Development Application

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 04/12/2011 - 07:19

We have heard from local residents of plans at Montrose Access to sell up and move on.  We have recently spotted a development application submitted to council for this location, number A003233566.  It appears as though this application will be made under the old Walter Taylor South planning scheme to avoid the new requirements for this site under the newer Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood plan.

Montrose have released this information sheet on their website:

"Consequently we are applying to Brisbane City Council to sell our Corinda Montrose Access headquarters for residential redevelopment.  As part of this plan we will lease a new premises nearby in southwest Brisbane to house our corporate and therapy functions and open a new independent, purpose-build respite centre.

It is still early days in the project plan and a lot of consultation and work has to happen, but selling Corinda will guarantee that Montrose Access is able to maintain the hightest quality of services into the forreseeable future." 

Extracts from the details of the development application are listed below


Proposed Redevelopment of Hopetoun

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 01/12/2011 - 12:16

Prescare have provided advance notice that they plan to undertake a major redevelopment of their Hopetoun site as outlined below and will be contacting the local community shortly.


Dear Councillor Johnston,


As the Councillor for the Tennyson Ward, I felt it was important to provide you with an update on the status of the proposed redevelopment of Hopetoun in Cliveden Ave, Corinda.  This proposal has been on our agenda for a long time as part of our ongoing commitment to offering a high standard of care to our clients.


Impact Assessible application for Heritage Shops Graceville

Submitted by Leigh-Rae Ash on Thu, 24/11/2011 - 15:47

In regard to the development application A003102126 The Central Buildings at 307-327 Honour Avenue, Graceville which incorporates our property The Bulk Store at 11 Rakeevan Road, Graceville.  You can view details of the development application on BCC's website at http://pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au/MasterView/masterplan/enquirer/default.aspx


The public submission period is from 17 Nov 2011 through to 9th Dec 2011.